Pro Active Auto Sales & Finance Review

Pro Active Auto Sales & Finance

Car loans
At Pro Active Auto Sales & Finance they understand that people are seldom lucky enough to be able to purchase a car without securing a loan. they are also theyll aware that settling for forecourt finance can add hundreds of pounds to the on-the-road price. That’s why they strive to ensure that you get the best car loan deal possible, with a repayment rate you can comfortably afford.

Swift service
As one of the UK’s leading car finance brokers, it is our job to source you the most competitive car loan in the least possible time when looking for your next car. they will give you a decision on your car loan application within 24 hrs and let you know by e-mail, text message and letter so the information gets to you as soon as possible.

Credit history
If you are looking for a car loan, Pro Active Auto Sales & Finance are perfectly poised to help. At Pro Active Auto Sales & Finance they have a wide range of car finance products to suit every circumstance. Whatever your credit history, they are ready to go to work on your behalf and find you the car loan that meets your needs. Thanks to our experience, 95% of car loan applications they receive are successful.

The car you want
Remember, they don’t sell cars, they simply provide you with the car loan you want. Unlike some companies, they don’t tie you down to a limited choice of stock from dealers with a “take it or leave it” attitude. Nor do they require you to select a car in advance of your car loan application. Your car can be new or used, you can borrow from £5k-£50k, and you have the flexibility to choose your car from any dealership you want.